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Foreign Affairs (AFET)

Committee on Foreign Affairs

The Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET, after the French name “Affaires étrangères”) helps, through multilateral and democratic procedures formulate and monitor the Union’s foreign policy. This foreign policy addresses the interests of the Union, the stability of its neighbors and the security expectations of its citizens, as well as ensures coherence and effectiveness. The European Union is the world’s largest donor of development aid and the biggest collective economy in the world and needs to coordinate its efforts in respect to its international and neighboring partners.

The big challenge of this committee is to manage to agree on a certain common policy given the fact that different member-states have different opinions over whether the EU is competent to handle foreign policy issues.


EUropa.S. 2017 AFET Committee Agenda: “Tightening the screws: Rebuilding the EU – Russia relations.”

AFET Study Guide EUropa.S. 2017



Committee on Foreign Affairs



Committee contact info:  afet.europas@gmail.com

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