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EUropa.S. is a unique opportunity for everyone willing to understand in practice the function of the leading EU bodies, the European Parliament, the European Council, the Council of EU, the European Commission the European Court of Justice. During the simulation, candidates will be invited to play the role of a Member of European Parliament, a Head of State, a Minister of Economics of a Member State, a Commissioner or a Judge. As such, they will be given the chance to deal thoroughly with a specific EU policy area, to meet aspects of European legislation and to get involved into the challenge of decision making.

Nevertheless, in addition to gaining knowledge on the procedures of these institutions, participants will have the opportunity to work effectively in cooperation with each other, to develop their communication and negotiation skills and to exercise their rhetorical and leadership abilities.

The Members of the European Parliament are asked to play a double role: on the one hand they act as a national representative and on the other hand as a member of a european political group.

In the committee sessions the MEPs need to negotiate on the relevant agenda topic by putting forward their party’s and country’s interests. In the end they are required to draw up and vote on a report which will reflect their ideas and conclusions from the discussion.

EUropa.S., attended by almost 300 participants per year, brings the EU reality closer to the students and helps them get a good insight into its activities and policies. If you consider yourself a promising decision maker, we encourage you to take part in EUropa.S. 2016 in order to …

“Simulate now… and experience later!”