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The Council of the EU, also known as the Council of Ministers, is the European institution where the ministers of each EU member state meet, in order to adopt new laws and policies. The Council of the EU acts as a chamber of the legislative branch of the European Union and holds its’ budgetary and monetary issues, alongside with the European Parliament. The authorities of the Council of the EU expand in over 6 fields of interest for the Union. For the scope of the conference we are going to focus on the ECOFIN, the convention of the Council of the EU where the Ministers of Economy and Finance meet.

The Council of the EU has also a strong voice over intergovernmental areas of the European Union, such as the macroeconomic coordination and foreign policy. Other areas where the Council of the European Union also trades in passing EU laws, signing international agreements, getting involved in foreign and defence policies, coordinate in justice policies in order court judgments in one EU country to be recognized in all other member states.

The members of every convention of the Council of the EU depend on the discussed topic, as for every area (foreign policy, economy, justice) there is another minister who represents each member state.

The ECOFIN, as it was previously mentioned, is the convention of the ministers of Economy and finance of the EU member states. As the member states applause an overall economic policy for Europe, but each country is responsible for its’ own policies, the ministers of economics and finance convene and cooperate , trying to combine their goals, join their efforts and improve the welfare system of the Union. A further challenge for the Ministers is to provide the EU countries with more jobs, improved education and the healthcare system throughout Europe, facing the challenges of the markets within the EU and internationally in a world which keeps on changing, in order to succeed in providing the EU citizen with better living conditions within its boarders.

ECOFIN 2017 Agenda: “Re-discussing the potential of the EU bilateral trade agreements (TTIP, CETA) in the Brexit aftermath.”

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