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IRTEAThe Simulations Department of the Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs is the cornerstone of the academic activity, from the very beginning of EUropa.S and its first steps into the field of EU models. The objective of the department is multi-dimensional:
– to further promote and expand the use of simulations as an learning tool which can help students acquire a deeper insight into the political process,
– to increase awareness regarding the EU Institutions and their functioning,
– to motivate young scientists from all academic backgrounds familiarize themselves with the EU,
– to bridge the gap between theory and practice.
Initiatives such as Military Academies Simulations and Be an Executive, along with the long tradition of EUropa.S, prove I.R.T.E.A ‘s commitment to the importance of those academic activities, and also demonstrate the institution’s dynamism and will to transform itself into a polyvalent forum of knowledge-sharing on European affairs.
Through educational programs in cooperation with schools, but also the majority of Hellenic military academies, the department´s ultimate goal is to provide solid knowledge in all social layers, and finally increase youth’s sensitivity in a wide variety of issues concerning the perplex EU deficit.