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EUropa.S. FAQs


Participation in EUropa.S. is as simple as that: Submit the online application form and deposit the designated participation fee at the conference’s bank account. This is all you need to do to take part in this experience.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and their answers.

When is EUropa.S. 2018 held?

On March the 30th until April 02nd, 2018 at the University of Piraeus, Greece.


How do I submit my application form?

Application forms are submitted online and are on an individual basis. Just open one of the online forms, depending on the position you are applying for, and fill in the requested information. Remember: Questions marked with a star are obligatory for the form to be successfully submitted! Once you submit your application a confirmation message appears in your screen (remember to scroll up to see the message!). Within the next hours you will also receive a confirmation e-mail from the Organizers with all relevant necessary information.

Are there any deadlines?

The deadline to submit your registration form is set for February 28th. By that time, all participants should also deposit the designated fee to secure their participation to the conference. However, we encourage all participants to deposit the fees as soon as possible, since assignments are sent only to those who have completed their registration and, as specified above, they are sent on a first-come-first-served basis.

Which form should I chose?

In EUropa.S. one can participate as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), a Head of State/Government, Minister of Economics and Financial Affairs of a Member State, Commissioner, Judge, Advocate, a Crisis Member, a Journalist, a Translator, a member of the Staff or a Board Member (President or Vice President of one of the simulated Institutions). You can find out more information on every position in the “Role description” page.

Anything in particular we need to know about this form?

In the application form for Participants, you will be asked to mark 4 Institutions / Committees in order of preference. Have a look on the agenda of the conference and the description of each Institution in the relevant pages of our website before you make your choice! See what suits you best! Remember that the DROI committee is the only committee simulated in French! Also, do bear in mind that, if you apply for an advocate position you need to have high competence on European & Public International law apart from powerful orating skills.

Are there any terms and conditions I should notice before submitting my application?

Yes, there are a few terms and conditions applying to EUropa.S. 2018 you are kindly requested to read through before applying. More specifically, EUropa.S. 2018 is addressed to all undergraduate and postgraduate students, aged between 18-25 years old and highly motivated concerning the European spectrum. Participants are obliged to return the material given for temporary use intact as well as responsible for visa issues, letter of acceptance or possible accidents. The fee does not cover travel expenses and accommodation but the Organizing Committee remains at your disposal, should you need any recommendations. The viewpoints expressed during the days of the conference do not represent in any way the viewpoints of organizing Institute and constitute the outcome of the participants involved.

Will I be accommodated in my first committee of preference?

We will do our best to accommodate all participants in their first committee of preference. However, as you understand, it is extremely difficult to combine the wishes of so many people and the total of participants will be equally distributed in the simulated Institutions.

We can guarantee, though, that you will definitely be accommodated in one of the 4 committees that you have picked in your application, according to the first-come-first-served basis and the second assignments cycle of the 31st of January, 2018.

Are there any specific requirements from the participants?

No! There are no specific requirements from the participants! No previous experience or specialization in the field or relevant courses. The only requirement is a basic knowledge of English or French (for the DROI committee), the official languages of the conference! And of course, an adequate preparation before the conference!

Do I need to have a specific degree or level of fluency in English or French in order to participate?

No! There are no criteria for your participation and one of the conference’s objectives is for the participants to practice their English or French and improve their skills.

Is there a selection procedure?

No! The conference is open to all young people wishing to participate. There won’t be any selection procedure from our part.

Is there a participation fee?

Yes. The expenses of the conference are covered solely by the participation fees collected from the participants. It is vital that fees are deposited as soon as possible since advance payments are often required and a delay may lead to extreme difficulties in the organisation of the conference.

General Participation fee: 45€

Staff Members Participation fee: 25€

Please do not charge our conference for the money transfer when you make deposit or remittance of the conference fees. Moreover, no refunds will be made after 1st of March 2018!

What does the fee cover?

The participation fee covers all lunch and coffee breaks that are mentioned in the official schedule of the conference as well as all the related to the conference material distributed during your registration (a bag or a dossier of the conference, a USB stick with all the documents that you’ll need during the sessions, pins of the simulated parties, placards and badges etc.)

Does sending the registration form mean that we will be assigned with a delegation?

No, sending the application form alone does not secure your participation in the conference. Your participation will be confirmed and assignments will be sent to you only after the fee will be deposited.

When do I receive my assignments?

On January 31, 2018, early position assignments will be sent to those participants having registered and deposited the fees at the conference’s bank account at the early stage. From that point on, each participant that registers and deposits the fee will receive their assignment on a first-come-first-served basis by the ending of the Applications procedure, on February 28, 2018. Your assignments will consist of an Institution, a State, a party – in case of European Parliament – and a committee.

How do I pay the fee?

The participation fees are deposited in the following bank account.

National Bank of Greece Acc. No. 096/440223-53

IBAN: GR3201100960000009644022353


Account Holder: Institute of Research & Training on European Affairs

Deposit Reason: Your Surname and Name (please make sure it is not a name of your family’ members appeared on the transaction)

It is not necessary to send us the deposit receipt; deposits are monitored via e-banking service. Please make sure that your name clearly appears with the deposit or we will not be able to confirm you have indeed deposited the fees! Only in cases where you have used an ATM or any other means that does not allow your name to be shown at the transaction, you should communicate to us the receipt.

Please do not charge our conference for the money transfer when you make deposit or remittance of the conference fees.

In any case, keep a copy of the receipt for future use and bring it along at the first day of the conference. We remind you that no refund will be made after 1st of March 2018!

Does the conference provide accommodation?

The Organizing Team of I.R.T.E.A. will in due time propose some hotels for your accommodation, near the venue of the conference, and will secure specific offers for the participants. However, the conference does not provide accommodation or covers its expenses through the participation fee.

Will I get a certificate of participation?

Yes! Every participant receives a certificate of participation provided that he/she was  present in all of the sessions of the conference. The absence of a participant from one of the sessions for serious reasons will be accepted by the Organizers, if sufficiently justified.

What does a Participant’s preparation for the conference include?

For a Patricipant’s (MEP or Head’s of State/Government or Minister of Economic and Financial Affairs or Judge or Advocate) adequate preparation, the following steps should be followed:

1. Acquiring a good knowledge of how the European Institutions Simulated work; generally researching on the EU, its institutional bodies and their function. (This part of the preparation can start well in advance, before the announcement of each participant’s assignments).

2. Studying thoroughly the conference’s Rules of Procedure.

3. Researching on the topic area of the assigned Institution. By the time of the conference every Participant should be ready for a heated debate on the subject!

4. Getting familiar with the assigned Sate or Position or Party’s general policy.

5. Getting to know the whereabouts and the policies of the assigned state.

6. Combining your knowledge on the topic with the party’s and the state’s policies and interests. In other word’s forming the position that you will hold! As far as MEPs are concerned, remember that you are a Member of the European Parliament, coming from a specific state and being member of a specific political party. All these factors should be kept in mind. Most of the times the party’s policy is the most prevailing since it also reflects the parliamentarian’s personal beliefs.

Will I get any assistance in this preparation?

Yes! The Board members of the conference and the Secrétariat will be there to guide you through this procedure.

1. Each Institution will have a thorough study guide on the topic to be discussed. This will provide the basic information that will guide the participant through his/her research. Remember: The study guide does not substitute your personal research! It only informs you on the main points to be discussed.

2. You will be asked to submit a “Position paper” before the conference starts (more information on this will be communicated to all participants). This is a statement of the policy to be followed by the participant. The Board members will send you feedback, give you advice and tell you whether you are on the right track.

3. There will be some committee meetings before the conference and some “mock sessions” to get familiar with the rules of procedure and discuss any possible questions.

4. The Board members will always be available at the committee mail addresses for any inquiries that you may have. The same goes for the Secrétariat.

5. During the conference, the Board Members will assist you and guide you through all procedures!.