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Call for Applications: four scholarships for participants

The Centre of European Information – Europe Direct ELIAMEP launches four (4) scholarships to students for their participation in EUropa.S 2017, the largest simulation of the European institutions in Greece.

EUropa.S. is held this year for the 8th consecutive successful year, on 7-10 April 2017 at the University of Piraeus, organized from the Institute for Research and Training on European Affairs – I.R.T.E.A. with the support of the Office of the European Parliament in Greece, the Representation of the European Commission in Greece, the Faculty of Economics, Business and International Studies of the Piraeus University, as well as other public and private institutions.

EUropa.S. is a unique Simulation implementing the main pillars of the European institutions. It is carried out at a high academic level in Greece with a wide resonance in the academic community, in both undergraduate and postgraduate level. The contribution of the Scientific Supervisors’ Team is of great importance, as they validate the academic excellence of the simulation. It is a “role-play” game that simulates with absolute identification procedures and functions of the European Parliament, the European Council, the Council of EU, the European Commission and the EU Court of Justice. Students participating in the course of simulation, have the opportunity to take the position of a MEP, Head of State or Government, EU Finance Minister, European Commissioner, Judge or Advocate, Member of the Crisis Team, Journalist, Translator or a Staff Member for the four days of the conference.

The aim of the participants is to reach a decision through a continuous negotiation process, with the ultimate aim of promoting the development of European integration, while the working languages of the conference are English and French for the DROI committee. EUropa.S. “family” has gathered in the seven years of presence more than 2,100 participants. At the same time, it highlights and rewards the best participants in order to encourage their academic progress and development. By the end of EUropa.S 2017 participants will have the opportunity to specialize and gain valuable experience negotiating in an environment of competing interests, while gaining an insight to the European Institutions “inner-workings, through their active participation in the whole process of the simulation.
Participants will receive a Certificate of Participation at the Conference after their successful participation.

You can find further information about EUropa.S at www.europas.irtea.gr  or by contacting the organizers at europas.irtea@gmail.com.

The scholarships cover the participation fee at the Simulation (€ 45). Payment of the grant will be made directly by the Europe Direct ELIAMEP to the organizers of EUropa.S..

Important condition in order for someone to be eligible for submitting the scholarship application, is to have applied and paid the amount of € 45 on EUropa.S 2017 account so as to be considered already a participant.

The following University students are eligible for application:

·        National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (Departments: Faculty of Law, Communications & Media, Economics, Political Science and Public Administration, Turkish Studies and Contemporary Asian Studies)

·        Panteion University of Athens (Departments: International, European and Regional Studies, Political Science and History, Communication, Media and Culture)

·        University of Piraeus (Departments: International and European Studies, Economics, Business Administration, Maritime Studies)

·        Athens University of Economics & Business (Departments: International and European Economic Studies, Economics, Business Administration)

The selection of fellows will be based on their excellence from a committee established by the Europe Direct ELIAMEP and I.R.T.E.A., while the results will be announced in the Europe Direct ELIAMEP site, and of EUropa.S.


Analytical Studies Review in which the average will be prominently displayed or a Studies Certificate from the Secretary of the relevant Department clearly showing the Average,

Language Certificates, only one of every foreign language and presentation of a senior title holder studies

The submission of applications deadline is Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

Applicants should electronically submit their application to the site of EUropa.S. by selecting the link www.europas.irtea.gr

Submit your Application HERE