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After the distribution of assignments, a certain amount of preparation is necessary in order to become familiarized with the proceedings of the committee you have been chosen to participate in.

The first step you need to follow is getting accustomed to the Rules of Procedure, which can be easily found in the relevant section of our website. After that, it is important to collect information on the Committee or Institution you are going to attend; its spirit, scope, content and competencies. Nevertheless, your vivid and successful participation can only be assured if you have thoroughly understood the agenda topic.

In order to get a clear picture of the subject under discussion, you need to read carefully the respective Study Guide, which has been conducted by your Committee or Institution Board and describes several aspects of the topic. However: Always keep in mind that the Study Guides provide only the basis for your own personal research and under no circumstances do they replace it. Besides, the most important part of your personal research is to discover what policies and strategies, with regard to the agenda topic, have been adopted by the political group and the country you have been invited to represent in the conference. Please, take into consideration that some time before the simulation, your Committee or Institution Board will ask you to write a Position Paper, in which your party and country policy on the subject under discussion must be briefly but clearly explained.

A couple of weeks before the conference, a few mock sessions are also scheduled to be held, in which the participants, with the aid of their Committee Board or the Secretariat, simulate the actual procedure which will follow during the official sessions of the conference.

The academic advisors, the members of the Organising Team, the Secretariat and the Committee or Institution Boards will remain at your disposal throughout the whole period of preparation in order to provide you with all necessary information you may require.