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EUropa.S. Ambassadors

Ambassadors play a major role in EUropa.S. as their contribution at the organizational part is huge.

The Ambassadors are previous participants who want to spread the idea of EUropa.S. and share the experiences they gained from EUropa.S. 2017 to their universities.

If you enjoyed your participation in EUropa.S. 2017 and feel eager to promote it through new ideas that will offer you a more energetic role in EUropa.S. 2018 then this is the right place for you. The only thing you have to do is to apply as an Ambassador of EUropa.S. 2018, become part of our family and contribute at the organizing process of the Conference.

The Ambassadors are individuals who have had their own EUropa.S. success story the previous years of  EUropaS. This year they will be more actively involved with EUropa.S., as they will contribute at the organization of this year’s conference.

More specifically, they are responsible of arranging presentations of  EUropa.S. at the Academic Institution/University each of them represents, in order to inform other students about the diplomatic journey they are going to have at the simulation.

The Ambassadorship offers the opportunity to create a social network with people that share common interests in diplomacy and also to create a team spirit among the individuals eager to participate but still feel insecure.

What someone needs to become an Ambassador? That’s simple.

  • have participated in a previous EUropa.S. Conference
  • be able and wish to develop communication skills
  • passionate in EUropa.S. vision and mission
  • impart the values of the EUropa.S. experience

Ambassadors will be granted a Certificate of Excellence at the end of the Conference from the Institute of Research and Training on European Affairs, EUropa.S. Organizer.

Deadline of Application: October 08, 2017

Application Form: http://www.europas.irtea.gr/?page_id=3970

For any further information you can always contact europas.irtea@gmail.com