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The role of the Observers throughout the course of the Simulation is to represent non-member States of the European Union, with no direct representatives in the European Parliament nor the European Council as obvious, or other International Organizations and Agencies or bodies of those, directly connected to the Committees of the European Parliament, the European Council procedures and relevant decisions taken by these bodies. As natural, the cause is the immediate interaction and correlation of interests between EU and those legal entities of public or private, national or international character.

Their purpose is to participate actively in every decision-making process, both to the Council and/or the Parliament, trying to influence each and every of the representing member-States/MEPs in a manner favorable to the aspirations and interests they aim, as they do not have any official right to participate in the voting procedures, making them unable to control and shape in a desired level the final political decisions. Therefore the tip of this role is the use of multilateral diplomacy skills as the key factor to manage with the opposing forces acting upon, whose outcome is not always certain or assured..