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The journalists shall cover all aspects of EUropa.S 2016, through frequently updating the newspaper’s content and EUropaS 2016 newsfeed. They shall research and write articles for the official EUropa.S. newspaper, following the instructions given by the Editor-in-Chief.  The journalists shall also conduct interviews, take photos and work endlessly to discover the hidden agendas of the participants- even in social events! They shall represent different media agencies, so as to provide the conference with diverse opinions. Beware journalists lurk in every corner to reveal the secret aspects of the conference!


The translators shall assist the journalists in any case their technical assistance is need. They shall be responsible for translating the official EUropa.S. documents and the final reports, ensuring that the translated version conveys the meaning of the original as clearly as possible.  Thus, they are responsible for making all necessary corrections as far as grammar, syntax and terminology are concerned.